UpStream Info

Kids are Important

Oakdale Baptist Church believes that children are extremely important to the Lord.  That is why we treat them just like that at OBC.  They are the most important people in the World!  We believe that the number one thing that the kids need, is Christ along with His Word.  For every service at OBC, there is something specifically designed also for your children.  From one month old to fifth grade, the kids at OBC always have something to do.  When you come on a Sunday morning, you can drop them off in the Reef on your way to Sunday School or the Worship Service.  The Reef is an underwater world where kids get to meet in small groups of their own age and later that morning, experience their very own worship service!.  

We Want to See Kids Become Strong Believers

Kasie Deese is our Children's Director and always has something very creative in store for your children.  The worship service also features a puppet ministry that is led by the very popular clownfish who is named Seymore.  Sunday evening as your head to the worship service, we also have something special for your child at 6:00pm.  The girls meet separately from the boys for a specific Bible application directed to both groups that also includes crafts and building projects.  Make sure you also check out the AWANA page to see what goes on Sunday nights for your children.

Volunteers and Safety

Every volunteer that works with your children do have background checks and are screened by the church before they are allowed to lead your kids.  We take this very important! Thank you for trusting your children to the care of the OBC Upstream Children's ministry.