Why is Oakdale Baptist Church Here?

Oakdale Baptist Church seeks to see every generation changed by the love of Jesus Christ.  We believe that God has called us to reach the world and turn it upside down for Him in order to fulfill the Great Commission.  God established Oakdale Baptist Church over 50 years ago in order to reach Rock Hill, SC for Jesus Christ.  At OBC, we believe that the next generation should get much attention from the church.  We are serious about making sure they receive God's Word into their lives.  We also believe that the church is to help grow their parents and grandparents into the Christians that Christ wants them to be.

We are not interested in making OBC famous but we seek to make the name of Jesus Christ known.  He is the only way to get to Heaven and He is the only way to be fulfilled.  That is what we have to offer to this community, South Carolina, the United States and this World.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Christ is what the world needs and we are here to point the world to Him.

The Focus of Oakdale

Love Jesus. Love People. Change the World. 
Those three phrases describe what Oakdale wants to do and believe they are what we are called to do by God. 

The Bible tells us that we must continue in devotion to: teaching of the Word, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer. We believe the church is set to be founded on these principles as we seek to go and tell the world about Jesus while baptizing and teaching Christians how to live for Christ. 

Acts 2:42 
Continual devotion to the teaching of God's Word.
Continual devotion to fellowship.
Continual devotion to the breaking of bread.
Continual devotion to prayer.
Acts 2:43
Everyone in the church felt a sense of awe and saw many signs and wonders.
Acts 2:44
The church is to be together and have all things in common.
Acts 2:45
The church is to meet the needs of each other.
Acts 2:46
The church is to be of one mind or one accord. 
Acts 2:47
The church is to continually praise God.
The church is to have favor with all the people.
The Lord added to the church every day!